• The sun is shining - so it's time to start the BBQ

    It's a summer like no other. When most of us would be packing our bags to head off to a warmer climate.  The sun is already shining and that can only mean one thing...its time to get the BBQ out.

    Long gone are the days of cremated or undercooked meats.  So here are some top tips from Earl's Kitchen to raise your game and claim the title for holding the best BBQ in town.

    Make your own

    Put simply, making your own burgers is just better. You don't need to be extravagant with the mix (although I do like to spice mine up with Bajan Seasoning), using good quality meat from your local butcher will always be notches above than shop-bought. Just make sure they are cooked through.   If you're looking for some inspiration, try our Caribbean  Bajan burger recipe.

    It's not all about meat

    Fish on a BBQ is simply out of this world.  Whole salmon, trout, red mullet on a BBQ with a few smoking chips thrown on the coals will revive beachside grill memories instantly. 

    Don't forget your 5-a-day!

    Courgette, Aubergine, corn the potential is endless. When barbecuing vegetables its best to prepare thin slices, that can go straight on the grill without oil. This method will help you achieve a charring that looks and tastes lovely. Once cooked you can add the flavour in some quality olive oil and or vinegar.

    Barbecuing is a skill for the patient

    Don't follow the fast-food restaurants that major on flame grilling. Barbecuing takes patience and concentration, you need to wait for the flames to die down and the coals white-hot.

    Don't forget the sides

    Sides should never be an afterthought! They will make up two-thirds of what you eat if you’re trying to have something that resembles a balanced meal. You could go for an avocado salad, grilled corn on the cobs or flatbreads. I love the River cottage recipe because it's simple, delicious and can be prepared beforehand and puffed up on the barbecue.